Do you have the goods you need to get from point A to point C without having to go through point B? Do you need maintenance of your outpost? In need of staff transport? Or do you need to refuel? The needs can be many, but no need is too great for Bluetech Logistics.

We take care of your worries. We've done it before. Together with our other divisions, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific challenges.

The Bluetech Logistics division has a wide range of services, including procurement, storage, distribution, transport, maintenance of equipment, maintenance of facilities and care support. The logistics department consists of three branches Shipping, Support and Medical.

We have full coverage and tailor the assignment to your needs.

Based in Microtech´s New Babbage with our own logistics hangar in Port Tressler. We work in all systems around Stanton. Contact us today!

/Pr1 Daugeleven Head of Logistics Division