Do you have wares you need to get from point A to point C without needing to go through point B?

No worries! Bluetech's shipping division will make the trip for you. We've done it before and paired with our exploration and security division your cargo will arrive to its destination in no time and sometimes in better condition than when we picked it up.

Our shipping division fleet has ships for all types of cargo and can tailor the shipping to your needs.

What if the unthinkable happens and despite of our long history for making all our deliveries your wares does not arrive?

We have full coverage and will reimburse you for the missing wares. Thankfully we have not yet needed to do this.

Based in Microtech's New Babbage with our own shipping hangar in Port Tressler. We operate in all systems around Stanton. Get in contact with us today!

/Capt Hagbard_ml CEO