Prospecting and Mining

The empty void of space could not be further from the truth. Out there is a plenty of riches up for grabbing.

Are you in the possession of mining equipment and nothing to mine? We have already staked out your potential claims and our prospecting team is ready to go out there and bring you your first samples and locations ripe for the taking.

With years of experience of both large-scale mining and smaller operations our team is ready for the challenge. We work together with our other divisions to make sure your stakes are yours and that you can start your operations at your own legal claims as soon as possible.

Our subdivision has already sold several vein locations all over Stanton and its neighboring systems and we are always ready to go further to make sure you’re ahead of the competition.

Don’t sweep for crumbles when you can reap the hole cake. Its already being mapped out for you.

/Cdr Powel Hemanshe Head of Prospecting Division